Buy Vietnamese Dong VND

How to buy vietnamese dong

There are some skimming and fraud problems so the bank may block your debit- or credit card unless they know that the transactions are legit. Therefore it is recommended that you inform your bank about your travel plans prior to your departure. No, AUD can’t be used in Vietnam, but you can change them in the banks, although it’s much better to take out cash from a local ATM.

  • A higher exchange rate means that the value of one currency has increased compared to another, while a lower exchange rate means the opposite.
  • In this case, at least one of the currencies will not be local, and we are supposing that these are not commonly traded outside their countries, so the rate for that one will probably be poor.
  • Not all gold shops in Vietnam are allowed to exchange currency.
  • Depending on where you’re from, you may be able to find a prepaid travel card from your bank.
  • Foreign currency cash is intended for travel-related purposes only.
  • It is a good choice to exchange currency at gold shops which can do the exchange legally because gold shops usually offer high exchange rates.

Read more about 10+ Best Places to Exchange Currency in Hanoi, including opening hours, phone numbers, and websites. In central Vietnam, traveling is the cheapest and only a few places on the planet exist where you get as much bang for your proverbial buck as you do in Vietnam! The most expensive thing about your trip to Vietnam will probably be your plane ticket. Very few vendors will willingly change your VND 500,000, so make sure you’re carrying smaller bills when going shopping. Always bring new notes; any damaged or dirty notes will be charged an additional two percent of the note’s face value.

Before Your Trip

US Dollars can easily be changed in banks, hotels, airport money exchange stalls and jewelry shops. Other currencies including Euros, AUD and UK Pounds can be changed in banks. You need a source you can trust, not a fly-by-night dealer where you worry over security and certified currency. Instead of taking your chances with Ebay, coin shops, or banks, use US First Exchange. We’re 3rd-generation currency brokers and one of the only mail-order currency exchange companies licensed by the US federal government to do busines in all 50 states. We deal in over 20 popular and exotic currencies, including Vietnamese Dong.

  • Whether you select our two-day or overnight FedEx shipping options, we work to deliver your currency at the best rate possible.
  • Debit cards issued by Mastercard or VISA are widely accepted in Vietnam, and all ATMs will accept them as well as establishments accepting card payments.
  • When you buy Vietnamese dong from the bank you can pay with credit card, cash or from one of your bank accounts.
  • Many shops happily exchange money, commonly US dollar for Vietnamese Dong and vice versa.

All Vietnamese Dong we sell is guaranteed to be authentic and come with our company issued Certificate of Authenticity. Logically, at some point in time Vietnam’s economy and
the Dong will receive the attention they truly deserve. Many people are watching the Vietnamese economy
enthusiastically. They expect it to flourish as the country continues to
build its industrial and manufacturing base. Given the country’s
broad resources and positive outlook, anything seems possible.

Travelling to Vietnam

Sometimes, travelers need to exchange $ USD into Vietnamese Dong but do not have time to go to bank branches or money changers. They can ask receptionists at hotels, tour guides, waiters at restaurants or bars in backpacker areas, owners at AirBnb to exchange currencies. Although it is convenient and simple, the prices are relatively low. The government-run Vietcombank can exchange dong for US dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht, and Singapore dollars.

Vietnam’s currency stable despite global uncertainties – VietNamNet

Vietnam’s currency stable despite global uncertainties.

Posted: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

But, it is also certain that it will be one of exciting experiences with your trip to visit beautiful places in Vietnam. The differences in characteristics, denominations, and value of notes always bring a surprise to you. High denominated notes of 500,000 VND are often created for the convenience of storage in personal bags or large payouts. And if you feel the driver has served you all day, it is worth thanking him. The 100,000 VND tip is enough for him to understand that you are happy and grateful to him.

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When you buy souvenirs at Ben Thanh Market of Ho Chi Minh City, you will be overcharged because locals think that foreign tourists are all rich. So, you can bargain hard, but you should be respectful and polite to the sellers. If you are not sure about the price, shop around to find the market price as many shops sell the same goods. Debit and credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in Vietnam, especially in hotels or shopping malls, but probably not suitable for a roadside stall or a noodle house.

Ask what transaction fees they charge for the foreign exchange and if it cost more to pay with credit cards. My friends call me Tracy and I am living in Ho Chi Minh City. Thousands of trav
elers use our services and 99% of them are satisfied. Traveling, going to pagodas, museums and studying beautiful architectural works, visit tourist attractions. Writing blogs as well as sharing travel tips, tourist attractions and lots of hidden places are my top thing to do with my free time. I have tried my best to use simple structures and vocabulary so that readers feel comfortable and convenient and find it easy to read.

How to buy vietnamese dong

Although the black market is illegal, it still exists thanks to weak law enforcement. However, exchange rates in some places are rather high because they would like to have more customers. US Dollars can be changed or used almost everywhere, and other major currencies such as Euros, AUD, and Pounds can be exchanged in the banks. Gold and jewelry shops typically offer better deals when exchanging foreign currency compared to the banks.

Money in Vietnam, exchange, tipping & ATM’s

However, I have not checked recently as these days I use an ATM which usually beats any cash exchange. Even with GBP, I have found this when travelling far from home. Despite my double changing (GBP to USD in the UK before leaving), I typically got more local currency for the same GBP as they did. For Vietnam, the Visa on Arrival fees is collected in USD anyway.

Normally, minibus tour guides will share tips among themselves and the drivers. Enter your name and email to receive breaking news and currency insights. Even after our money back guarantee expires, you will still have the option to sell your Vietnamese Dong back to us at any point in the future. Don’t take our word for it; with more than 100,000 customers and 1,000’s of customer reviews you can see why we are the #1 currency dealer in the world.

Shinhan Bank and Standard Chartered Bank are good foreign banks in the country. The top banks having the largest numbers of branches in Vietnam include Agribank, LienVietPostBank, VietinBank, BIDV, Sacombank, Vietcombank, ACB, Techcombank, SHB, MB Bank, Maritime Bank. Prior to September 2019, there are more than 1,300 branches, occupying 50% of the bank branches in the entire country. When exploring local attractions outside of the big cities (or even small shops in the larger cities), make sure you have VND instead of US Dollars. You’re gonna need the Vietnamese currency to buy street food and to buy items in local markets and shops.

Where to buy Vietnamese Dong

However, some believe that it is relatively similar to the polymer banknote of 200,000 VND. The par value of 20,000 VND is established on dark blue polymer material while 500,000 VND note is dark blue. It’s time you need to pay attention because this face value is easily confused with a note of 500,000VND, which has many times higher than 20,000VND.

How to buy vietnamese dong

Buying Vietnamese dong online for home delivery is easy with CXI. Select from more than 90 foreign currencies and receive it as soon as next day. The USD to VND exchange rate is better online and give you more Vietnamese dong for your US dollars. You can reserve your order, pick it up in a store or even have it delivered to your door.

Money Suggestions for Travelers in Vietnam

The government appears fully
committed to reforming the banking sector and other regulated
industries. Ultimately, the value of a nation’s
currency is based on the overall strength of the economy,
including the balance between wealth from natural
resources and manufacturing capability. Vietnam’s economy has been
expanding rapidly during the past few years. The country is rated as having Asia’s fastest-growing economy year
after year. And, the pace of development and wealth-building in
Vietnam is far greater than in China’s now-sluggish economy.

Vietnam to continue facing difficulties securing fuel supplies … –

Vietnam to continue facing difficulties securing fuel supplies ….

Posted: Sat, 05 Nov 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

During this era, France continued to exert influence in the
country’s political landscape. Eventually there were also
circulating banknotes dually-denominated in
both piastres and đồng. ✔ Information – provides superior service in part by staying up to date with regional, political, and economic news and changes to the local currency market. Enjoy the convenience and safety of having your foreign currency shipped to your house before your travel.

How to buy vietnamese dong

Pick the currency you are interested in purchasing along with amounts.

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