SaaS Product Design: Trends & Best Practices

As you design a SaaS application, you should employ wireframes as a way to visualize your UI design choices and customer journey. Great SaaS design requires prioritizing user experience above all else, implementing industry-standard design rules, and embracing a mentality of iterative design. To help you impress users and retain them for the long term, we’re going to break down the key components of great SaaS design. We provide companies with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software. Outsourcing SaaS development and UI/UX design have helped many companies get noticed, and you will surely appreciate its benefits. All that remains is to find a dedicated development team capable of delivering amazing UX for your SaaS customers!

  • It only has three pricing tiers and there’s no extra information on the web page.
  • The navbar includes links to product features, customer case studies, resources, and more.
  • Whether you’re doing project management for a marketing strategy or a product launch, Basecamp is a valuable tool for those who want to stay organized in their day-to-day workflows.
  • Therefore, your acquisition and retention rates will be higher.
  • If you need a clear and well-thought design for your SaaS, contact us.

That was the case with Habstash, a startup that helps people save up for their homes. To be effective, the app has to gather a lot of user information. To prevent users from dropping off at the sign-up process, our designer used Wizard, a design pattern that specializes in making complex processes simple. We broke the sign-up steps into separate screens to make the information easy to perceive.

What Is UX Design in SaaS?

The length of time it takes to convert one metric into another is determined not by the actual activity in the process but by the waiting time in between the processes. For example, it may take five minutes to write an email invitation to an event,  but it can take days to get a response. The SaaS UI/UX design of your product is a crucial part of customer satisfaction. So, it determines your churn rates and helps you achieve high customer retention rates.

  • They have a clear pricing structure with just three plans — a Starter, Pro, and Enterprise.
  • During customer acquisition, there are typically four different processes at play, as depicted below in Figure 9.
  • In each and every step of your process, it is important to keep your users at the center, and this is what decade-defining SaaS companies do.
  • However, with a SaaS product, you’ll have many opportunities to study users later as they engage with the app.
  • A great example of a Software as a Service business model is Adobe’s Creative Cloud – which moved from traditional software to a SaaS model.
  • The great question to start with is “What do I offer that my competitors do not have?

One of the best SaaS website design tips we can give you is to explain upfront the purpose of collecting the data. Remove distractions and keep them natural, avoiding common mistakes. The audience should understand how your solution will solve their problem. A UX copy helps a user in how to use advanced functionalities and also elaborates new features. The unconventional and quirky microcopy of Mailchimp has helped Mailchimp design a unique identity for itself in the market.

How to develop an app like Snapchat: tips, budget and key features

As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, web development continues to be a vital component of building and maintaining a successful online presence…. The key challenge of a project was integrating our modern tech solution into custom enterprise CRM written in an outdated tech stack. Whether you are looking to generate more leads, get more signups or spread the word about your products, nothing works better than placing a CTA in the hero section.

Owning and running a successful SaaS company is no small task. There are many things to think about when building and designing your website, from making sure it’s easy to use for your customers, to optimizing it for search engines. Below, are five important questions that you can find answers right on

UX audit

High-contrast tooltips also appear when users hover over specific page elements, providing additional instructions as they navigate the interface. This helpful onboarding add-on also encourages users to explore the platform more. For example, Notion takes a user-friendly approach to onboarding by not overwhelming first-time users with a complex dashboard. Instead, the platform introduces them to its core features through a simple, interactive tutorial. A well thought out onboarding experience should help users understand how to use your product and achieve their goals more quickly. You can accomplish this through interactive walkthroughs, tooltips, and product tours, highlighting key features and explaining how they work.

During usability testing, a researcher follows a group of users while they are performing tasks with the product. It also includes asking questions to understand the motives of the actions. By observing users, the researcher sees where they experience problems, make errors, or get lost. The research can be qualitative, as well as quantitative, and measure a range of usability metrics.

It may also specify that registration is free for users if you offer a free trial. Still, users may expect you to ask Role Of A DevOps Engineer DevOps Job Roles And Responsibilities for credit card details when they get started. Micro-interactions give feedback on users’ actions with your product.

Что такое формат SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a Service) — это облачная модель предоставления программного обеспечения. Она такая же часть вселенной облачных вычислений, как PaaS (платформа как услуга) и IaaS (инфраструктура как услуга).

For a practical example that illustrates these processes, consider a high-velocity prospect who visits your company website. Following some browsing, she likes a white paper and enters her email address to gain access. As she is reading the paper, she receives an invitation to attend a webinar with an expert in the field. She signs up for the webinar, and with that action, she becomes an MQL. Viewing it from the buyer’s perspective, they have finally found the product they want to purchase but they cannot get it until they “talk to someone” on the seller’s side. They leave their phone number, enter their email address, and wait for some to contact them.

It helps teams track leads, manage deals, and close sales more efficiently. Cloudflare is a SaaS platform for security, performance, and reliability. It helps teams protect their websites from online threats while improving performance and reliability. The navigation bar includes links to the SaaS website’s features, making it easy for users to explore its capabilities without feeling overwhelmed.

Что такое формат SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a Service) — это облачная модель предоставления программного обеспечения. Она такая же часть вселенной облачных вычислений, как PaaS (платформа как услуга) и IaaS (инфраструктура как услуга).

And these design components are not just limited to fewer aspects. Many of them decide the overall look and functionality of the software. At the system level, revenue organizations work multiplicatively rather than additively. The effort and results of each link in the sales chain are magnified or diluted by the next. Therefore, massive changes in outcomes are possible by making marginal improvements across the chain rather than by simply improving any one link.

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